about me

This is me. I am 47, live in Devon and have decided to start a blog.

The misspelling of my name is deliberate – if you were wondering. I have two namesakes on the world wide web. They both live in the USA, they are both God-fearing, gun-toting, liberal hating Good ol’ boys. To avoid people confusing me with either of them I decided to alter the spelling of my name, who knows, it may work.

Incidentally, if you are reading this and you know either of the other Steve Beeds please tell them I said ‘hi’, I have nothing against them, just nothing much in common either apart from a name.

So now you know who I’m not, who am I?

Here goes; 47, married, 3 boys, vegetarian, happy, skateboarder, learning to bake, writing a book, househusband, looking for a new job/career/occupation.

After this brief introduction, just to ‘wet my feet’ so to speak, I will add more to this at a later date.



Let me know what you thought....

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