The week before last was a gruelling week of interviews – three in one week. In spite of wearing the eight year old suit that still nearly fits me and getting through to second round interviews, I still have no job lined up. I am hugely reassured by the fact that they all thought I was a good candidate though. Most bizarre question of the week was being asked how I would make a 5% saving on next years budget – I had to come clean and admit that I couldn’t answer that unless I actually had a budget to look at and see what it is currently spent on, doh!

Anyway, I put it all behind me and off we went for a family trip, including Grandad, to Cornwall for half term week. From the moment we arrived the Met office were issuing dire threats of severe weather, incoming storms, Famine, Pestilence and Death. We were advised to stay indoors, tie things down, prepare for power outages and write wills.

In the event it rained and was’ a bit blowy’. One of the patio chairs blew over and there were lots of leaves blown off the trees. In fact it was quite Autumnal, which maybe wasn’t that surprising in October. We continued to visit tea rooms and pasty shops the length and breadth of the county.

The rain continued on and off all week, the only skateboarding me and my boys got to enjoy was at Mount Hawke indoor park. This is always worth a visit, lots of fun. Though I would say, look out for overweight men in their late forties tanking around as fast as they can go without a care in the world apart from aching legs and a sore back. (Hey, not really, I am a very considerate skater- honest! I just happen to think that age should have it’s privileges.)

So too soon the week was over and we headed home, cars packed high. Well, I say ‘the week’ we actually came back on the Thursday night (Halloween) as all the boys had parties to go to and sweets to eat. So that was it for another year, a 25 year tradition of visiting Cornwall in the Autumn was continued and good fun was had by all.

I am off to start looking through job ads once again.


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