The Computers


Still not really ‘feeling it’ in terms of the whole Christmas thing. For those of us who are not at work there is no staff Christmas do to get dressed up for and go along to, no overpriced rubbish meal or dreadful disco while colleagues you used to respect demonstrate an appaling lack of self respect and dignity.

So last week I went out with my eldest son to see The Computers, a local band who are in the process of making it big – deservedly.!/thecomputers

I should add, it was me that wanted to see them, I got the tickets, the friend I was going with pulled out and my eldest reluctantly agreed to come along and keep me company so the ticket wasn’t wasted.

When we arrived he spotted some friends and joined them, I decided that hanging around the edge of a group of teenagers would probably just look predatory at worst, creepy at best, so I left them to it.

I did spy him once or twice during the gig, draining his glass and getting into the melee in front of stage.

The gig was awsome, loud, dynamic and some really well crafted songs – I loved it. So did my son, so all was well.

Afterwards there was a party, planned to go on until the early hours. My son naturally would have liked to go and I was tempted to let him as a life experience.

But it is at times like this (11 o’clock on a weekday night) that you realise you are not as young as you were. I definitely didn’t want to go to a club, hang around sober with hundreds of drunk teenagers, listening to music loud enough to make my ears hurt. What I wanted was to go home, have a cup of tea and settle down in my nice, comfy, warm bed.

It was a non – contest, we came home. We agreed that if he wanted to go out late with his mates he should really organise that without having his 49 year old dad tagging along.

Home, in bed, ears ringing, feeling tired, I thought maybe I had been hasty, maybe I would have enjoyed the party, maybe it would have been fun. But the bed sure felt nice and I know my limitations!


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