Today is wild, wet and windy – but not in a good way. We are all wrapped up cosy and warm indoors and various TVs are being watched, toys being played with and sleep being caught up on.

Last night we were invited unexpectedly to a party and decided to go along for a drink and some social getting together. We almost didn’t make it as en route we passed a friend’s house, we knew she was on holiday over Christmas and New Year and so were quite surprised to see the doors wide open and all the lights on with music coming from inside. There was, obviously, a simple explanation. Our friends teenage son had told his mates where they spare key was hidden and told them they could have a party there if they wanted as nobody would be using it. The party going teens were asked to tidy up and leave by my wife and almost certain disaster was averted, probably.
Eventually we arrived at our own (legal) party, there were plenty of kids there, all roaming freely and stocking up on liquid and solid sugar in case 2014 didn’t provide any. At one point an adult walked smiling into the room shaking their head and saying ‘your son!’ Three different sets of parents (including us) turned and said ‘What?’ in unison.

The opportunities for slipping away quietly earlier in the evening did not present themselves as it was a fairly select gathering, which meant we were still around when the Charades started. Both being reasonably proficient Makaton users and adept at finger spelling we had joked earlier in the week about how we could blitz any Charades game if the opportunity arose. In the end we were good and did not use our special secret skills to gain any advantage – although we still reserve the right to use our signing when out and about if we need to talk about other people without their knowledge.

Our youngest managed to keep going manfully until the new year had been seen in and then asked if it was time to go home now please? Tempting as it was to seek revenge for his babyhood and keep him awake indefinitely until he was so tired he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry we went home and snuggled down.

Today, as mentioned, is wild, so no pressure to do anything apart from stay indoors and celebrate the New Year quietly and with as few sudden movements as possible. Happy New Year.



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