Movie night

Friday night in our house is an institution. Like many other families we choose to end the week in relaxing and decadent style.

I can’t recall when it started, but it was some time ago and happens with clockwork regularity. A missed Friday cannot be cancelled, it has to deferred to a different night. It is the perfect end to what are often (usually) chaotic and busy weeks in a home where our children attend three different schools.

Once everybody is home from school, work, wherever else they may have been the routine goes like this;
Cook tea (some of us)
Eat tea (all of us)
Tidy up (argue about who needs to do what)
Make sure things for Saturday are all ready
Into PJs/onesies (depending on preferences)
Turn sitting room into oasis of tranquillity, with blankets, cushions, bowls of sweets, ample seating and soft lighting.

Once our middle son (Who doesn’t like sweets, doesn’t like to watch films – except the Spongebob Squarepants movie, and there are only so many times we can all watch that – and likes to go to bed early most nights) has gone to bed we settle down for the evening.

Occasionally we decide beforehand what we would like to watch. Notionally we take it in turns to choose the film, although the rota for this seems to be quite flexible and come round to the youngest child with suspicious regularity. There is often some horse trading at this point as we scroll through the available movies, each of us discounting various options for various reasons; seen it, sounds boring/babyish/stupid/girly, don’t like Meryl Streep etc. This can be quite a protracted process as we whittle down the main contenders and move to a vote on the final options.
Once we have decided what we will watch it’s settle down time, occasional bottles of beer or cider if we are feeling reckless and it is movie night.


Don’t misunderstand me, we love going to the cinema proper, but being able to pause for a break in some of the interminably long movies (hello Harry Potter and The Hobbit) is pure bliss, not having to arrange for a babysitter or try and get anywhere on time is also heavenly. Also, we can change the film halfway through if we choose one we decide we don’t like after we have started watching it.
Laying about in nightwear and rolling straight into bed once the film is over is about as much excitement and dynamism I can muster at that time of the week.

If you already do Movie Night in your house you will know all of these things already, if you don’t you should seriously consider it.


Let me know what you thought....

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