Crouching Tiger, Hidden…

After I had published my last post I recalled another, not altogether unrelated event, which I am now adding as a kind of postscript.

A few years after the ‘plasticine poo’ event, I was working another school. The layout was not dissimilar; a long central corridor, office and staffroom at one end, classes all along the length of the corridor etc. The main difference was that instead of being arranged in chronological order they were in a kind of haphazard, nonsensical order with year groups occurring apparently at random as you walked the length of the corridor.

Like the previous school I was situated quite close to the end of the corridor and got to have a good nose at what everybody else was doing as I wandered from my room to the cup of tea emporium.

I was particularly delighted when a large model tiger appeared outside the class of one of my favourite teachers, Gavin. He and his class of 7 year olds had worked long and hard making it together and had set it guard the classroom door under a paper palm tree that they had made to go with it.

Unfortunately there was a slight problem with the construction, and the back legs began to buckle and bend. This meant the tiger took on a distinctive crouching posture. It was too much to try and resist, I found a small ball of brown plasticine, rolled it into a sausage shape, and placed it slightly behind the tiger. I thought it was hilarious, but then, I’m not that mature.


A couple of days later it was still there. I went to Gavin and ‘fessed up’ what I had done. He answered that he had noticed and guessed it was me. He had decided to leave it there and see how long it took for middle management to catch sight of it and demand it be removed. We both agreed that this would obviously be the wisest and most sensible thing to do, and if necessary blame one of the students – those Year 6’s eh? So there it sat until the tiger was retired and taken away along with all the surrounding bits and pieces.


Let me know what you thought....

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