When I was 5 my paternal grandfather died. All I really remember about him is that he took snuff and had a walking stick, also when we visited him we were allowed to visit the Olde Worlde sweet shop and buy a sugar mouse each (Me and my brother, not me and granddad.). Not much I know, what can I say, I was only small.

My other grandfather lasted longer, but lived further away, so I didn’t really know him that well either. He was an artist and had a moustache.

I have an appalling memory at the best of times, so the fact that I can dredge up so few details of men who I didn’t know very well isn’t too alarming for me, it’s just what it is.

However….this Easter my wife’s Dad came to stay again. He has been a regular visitor at our house throughout the boys lives. He came to help when I was working away, he comes to help out when we ask, he was here to babysit the older two when our youngest was born. He helps me fix things that are so far outside my skillset they are on a different planet (he is a retired plumber) and loves being around our boys. Every year he comes on holiday with us for a week and the boys all love having him to stay, as do I.

I am sure the boys will all grow up with fantastic memories of Grandad. He regales us with stories from his time as a sailor in World War 2, tells them about life growing up in his village and the things him and his 3 brothers used to get up to. He shows them different trees, plants and birds and gives them a different perspective on the world, from someone who remembers a time when things were different.


Below are some Grandad highlights that I am sure will be safely stowed in the boys memory banks, but I am also recording here, for posterity – and because they’re funny:

Feeding the ducks one day Grandad scooped one up out of the water, put it in his hat and told the boys we were bringing it home as a pet (we didn’t!)

When he was a boy him and a friend accidentally blew in a shop window with the shotgun they had taken to the woods.

In the navy his minesweeper was sent to clear 10 mines from an estuary. They could only find 8, but as they were due shore leave pretended to have cleared all of them.

His dad (Great Grandad) killed a rat with a broom in a World War 1 field hospital – only to find that one of the nurses had been keeping it as a pet.

He secretly doesn’t like Liquorish Allsorts, but doesn’t tell the family as they have been buying them for him for years.

He is a wonderful man and it is always great to see him. My biggest hope is that, if I ever become a granddad, I can be as grand as he is.


3 thoughts on “Grand!

  1. Lol @ secretly not liking Liquorish Allsorts. He sounds like the greatest grandad ever!

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