Not for the squeamish


This weekend in the garden I unearthed a fairly impressive centipede, all wriggly and full of legs. I have to confess that, in spite of the fact that I am not really bothered by insects, crawling things or bugs (horses, that’s what gives me the heebie jeebies – big ugly dangerous horses!) this one did send a little shiver down my spine.

This stems from an incident a couple of years ago;

We were on holiday in Florida. We love Florida and have visited many times, the first time to do the Disneyland – kids – once in a lifetime – never to be repeated – thing. The following five times because the weather is beautiful, the scenery is stunning, the beaches are fantastic, you can rent pool houses, there are a huge amount of non-Disney things to do and the people are brilliant (broken wheelchair fixed within the hour, by people falling over each other to help us and not wanting to take any money.)

The variety and diversity of the wildlife is huge, we carried on swimming in the sea even after we found out that there are 57 different species of shark in the Gulf of Mexico. We have seen some of the aforementioned sharks, turtles, dolphins, manatees and more fish than you can shake a stick at. The children have fished off piers with wild alligators swimming by (and nearby lamp posts sporting a multitude of ‘missing pet’ posters). Eagles, snakes, vultures, pelicans, racoons, armadillos and the list could go on and on.

This brings me to the reason for my squeamishness the other day. One night, fast asleep with a thin cotton sheet draped over me, laying in the cool of the fan I turned restlessly onto my side. As I did so something moved under my arm and woke me from my slumber, as I turned I felt a sharp pain in my upper arm. My slow waking up movements turned into quickly leaping out of bed, throwing the covers back, swearing very loudly and yelling ‘get up there’s something in the *******  bed, it  *******  well bit me!’

I switched the light on and whisked the covers back to reveal a centipede. It was as big as one of my fingers; shiny, black and all wriggly and full of legs. A book was quickly snatched up from the bedside table and used to whomp the unfortunate creature. Although, on a springy mattress, they don’t so much whomp as bounce up into the air, then they get all agitated. So it was scooped into a glass and deposited outside.

At this point my arm was starting to sting a bit. Not knowing much about centipedes I did wonder if it might be dangerous, like a scorpion sting. So, at 3 in the morning, we sat in the kitchen Googling the question ‘Are centipedes dangerous?’ What I expected to see in the answers was a site that told me they were completely harmless; stop being stupid and go back to bed. What I did see was a site that told me they could be. They are like bee stings and sometimes people react badly to them and they can be very serious indeed. This was not the reassurance I was hoping for. I put some sting relief on it and went back to bed to consider my own mortality and hope I had left my affairs in order.

In the end I had a small red mark on my arm that smarted a bit the next morning then stopped hurting – although I may have milked it for a bit longer than that.


4 thoughts on “Not for the squeamish

  1. Very funny! Thanks for the laugh. I guess you could say that you did have a bad reaction to the bite, just not an allergic one. : ) Next time you visit Florida, check out Siesta Key – it is wonderful!!!

  2. I don’t like insects, crawling things, or bugs. I had a good laugh reading your experience with the centipede; you are ‘scarred’ for life! 🙂

    “to do the Disneyland – kids – once in a lifetime – never to be repeated – thing.” Oh boy, do I ever understand! I have also been there and checked it off my to-do list for life!

    • To be fair, Disney was good, the boys loved it and it was completely accessible for us with my middle son. I just don’t really want to go back, especially when there are so many other lovely places to visit.

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