The mouths of babes.

Whilst writing my previous post I was reminded of another incident from the long ago time when inspectors were people you knew.

This time it was not my class, it was my wife’s class of 5 and 6 year olds who were being visited by our local Early Years inspector. These inspections were always kind of a big deal as the inspector was a nationally recognised authority on Early Years education and nobody wanted to meet her disapproval.

However, the visit went well, the children were engaged meaningfully, the session went smoothly and the staff all knew what they were supposed to be doing – so far so good. Then it was time for the chat with the teacher after the premises and people had been examined.

Had I mentioned that the inspector was quite a large lady? What we in Nursery circles call a Mrs Comfylap.

My wife asked one of the children if they could bring over a chair for the inspector to sit on please.

The child looked at the inspector, raised an eyebrow, looked back and announced in a loud clear voice;

“I think she’ll need two miss!”



9 thoughts on “The mouths of babes.

  1. Haha! Out of the mouths of babes! Lovely story, Steev, you must have laughed your head off!!!

  2. Yeah – but only because it didn’t happen on my watch!

  3. You can count on children to deliver the inconvenient truth!

    • Reliable as clockwork. I once had a child ask me how “I got the gobies out of my nose with all those hairs in the way?” I guess from his perspective he did spend a lot of time looking straight up at me, but even so…

  4. Great, it really makes me laugh. Love it!

  5. Lol – any post with the word Mrs Comfylap in it has to be a great one… 😀

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