Walk right into it!

Last week I was interrogating some children to find out what exciting things they had done in their holiday week. Sometimes it is hard trying to get anything more than a listless shrug and a grunt, followed by the claim that they “Didn’t do nuffink.” This is rendered even more painful by the students who watched TV/played Xbox but cannot recall a single other detail about the week of freedom and fun.

The day was saved by the boy who happily volunteered the information that he had ‘rided his bike.’

“Rode” I gently corrected him.

“Oh no” boy answered straight back, “I’m not allowed on the road!”


5 thoughts on “Walk right into it!

  1. Thats what we call a mere joy of freedom:)

  2. Fab Steev! I so love all your stories!!!

  3. Just the messenger. Thanks though.

  4. Nice kid, who hates doing nuffink. 🙂

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