Christmas is coming – possibly- depending on whether Santa can find his way.


“I know” I said enthusiastically, “We’ll draw maps with our houses on so that Santa will be able to find us easily.”

This, of course, was a cynical and manipulative teacher ploy to get small children to work on remembering where they live (important information for people of all ages) and help develop the necessary skills to find their way home if the need ever arose.

“Try to think of something that is near your house that Santa will be able to find easily and put that on your map.”

….still the same trickery going on here.

“Sir, mine is near the park.”

“My house is next to the shop.”

“Mine is next to his house, and the shop is called the Co-op shop and my Mum gets her bread and milk there and buys me sweets if I am good and I’m allowed to go with my brother sometimes but we have to be careful and stay on the path.”

“There’s a big road near my house.”

Excellent, I am winning, I am king of the teachers, I have success in my sights.

“Just you then little man. What special thing can you think of to tell Santa about your house that will help him find his way there next week?”

I am on a roll, how can I possibly fail now?

“Umh? There’s a bird on the roof – I saw it there this morning.”



Hoping Santa finds your house, Happy Christmas.


5 thoughts on “Christmas is coming – possibly- depending on whether Santa can find his way.

  1. Love your stories Steev! Happy Christmas!

  2. There’s always a dreamer in the group. He’s my favourite! 🙂

  3. Hope the job is going well, Steve. By the way, have you considered popping onto your blog that widget that lets people sign up to get an email every time you post a blog? I’d be first in the queue to sign up.

    • Hi Jelly, thanks for the heads up – I didn’t realise that I hadn’t put the widget on. I shall rectify it asap.
      To answer the other question, a bit embarrassing really, I realised before the end of the first week that it wasn’t right for me. Rather than waste everybody’s time I quit and went back to supply while I continue to weigh up my options. Thanks for asking though. Hope all is well with you.

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