Gabba Gabba Hey!

A colleague came into my classroom to speak to me the other day. This particular member of staff dresses quite casually, and on the day in question was wearing a multi coloured t-shirt with a Ramones logo on the front.


The following conversation transpired:

Student – I like that t-shirt, I’ve got one the same.

Colleague – We must have got them from the same shop.

Me –  I always wished that I had seen them.

Student – I’m surprised you didn’t, they were right by the door.

It transpired that not only was the student unaware that Johnny, Dee Dee, Joey and Tommy were in a band, but that the colleague was also blissfully unaware.


For the record, and in case anyone is still not sure, they looked like this:

ramone-2--z made a noise to end all noises and are all now sadly deceased.

I have taken steps to fill the void in both my students and my colleagues knowledge bases with some emergency Rock n roll high school.


Let me know what you thought....

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