Florida is a great place to visit, you can’t beat the laid back atmosphere and facilities for doing lots or doing nothing – your choice. I have waxed lyrical about it previously ( ) so I won’t go on.

On a trip to a beach near St Petersburg, we were enticed by the kayak hire man and decided to ‘push the boat out’ – so to speak – and rented one for the afternoon. The water was warm and calm, the beach was largely empty and we had nothing else much to do that day.

First out was our eldest son. To say he was enthusiastic would be an understatement. Off he went, out towards the horizon and into the open ocean leaving me calling “stay away from the drop off” like Marlin in Finding Nemo.

We resigned ourselves to playing in the shallows and hoping for a turn later on if we were lucky, so it was a pleasant surprise when we saw him coming back. He came up alongside us jumped off and muttered something about ‘realising we would want a turn’ and ‘not wanting to hog it the whole time.’

So we floundered about got on, fell off, tipped each other in and – eventually – set off paddling in gradually increasing circles and wobbly lines away from the shore. It was fabulous; some small fishes came leaping about around the kayak, closely followed by some dolphins looking for lunch.

They swam around and about for a bit and then followed their fishy meal up the beach and beyond our range, giving us an experience to remember – when the wild dolphins swam with us.

Eventually we headed back to the beach. “Did you see the dolphins?” we asked.

“What dolphins?”

“The ones that came to shore just after you gave the kayak to us.”

“Oh, yeah, I thought they were sharks.”