I once told a colleague that sheep that lived on hills had evolved over time to have two short and two long legs to help them balance.

It was not an altogether terrible lie, just an off the cuff, humorous remark as she was putting up a display with some rather beautiful fluffy white cotton wool sheep in the corridor.

What was terrible was that she believed me. Actually, if I’m being honest, that wasn’t the terrible bit either. Once I realised that she had been taken in I carried on. I produced photographic evidence, I persuaded other members of staff to agree with me and generally behaved in a childish and immature manner.

But it was funny. For all I know she still believes it to this day. I shudder to think how many children may have had this ‘fact’ passed on to them.

The only thing I can say in my defence – and this is very slim indeed – is that it is not as bad as the time that I was party to (but not the instigator of) a scheme to convince a new member of staff that the Christmas meal was traditionally a fancy dress event.

Cruel I know, but his three wise men costume was wonderful.